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Shipping a Family Vehicle One Way

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Most family members do not live in the same vicinity anymore. Careers, education, preferences, and obligations have families separated by several states or even the entire country. Handing down a vehicle is not as easy as it used to be. Deciding that a daughter needs the old family car at college means either driving it to her and taking a plane home or finding a Car Shipping company to transport it.

Getting the SUV of a deceased loved one to the family member to whom it is bequeathed is the responsibility of the executor of the will. Unless money was set aside to cover that cost, it comes out of someone’s pocket. That can be the executor, the new owner of the SUV, both parties, or another family member who volunteers to pay for it. It is in circumstances like this that people discover just how cost-effective one-way auto transport can be.

How Quotes Are Determined

Some factors are expected, such as the distance, the make and model of the vehicle, and the type of transport selected. Some surprising factors include the condition of the vehicle, the destination, and the time of year. A vehicle that does not run can still be transported via car shipping for a higher car shipping cost. More time and effort are required to load the car, and the cost reflects that fact.

A destination with easy access to and from major highways, such as a large city, costs less than one that calls for the truck driver to take back roads and move farther away from highways. A small town that may or may not show up on a map will result in a higher quote. It may be wise for customers to arrange to pick up the vehicle in the nearest city. Costs for vehicle shipping are lower in warm weather so, if possible, wait until the summer to get Uncle Steven the truck his brother left him.

Choices for Mode of Transportation

Valuable vehicles, such as luxury cars, vintage Jeeps, antique sports cars, or collectible motorcycles, are better protected in enclosed Car Shipping trailers. The items are loaded with hydraulic lift gates and treated with special care. These vehicles are not exposed to dirt, sun damage, elements, flying pebbles, or grime. Owners are given direct access to the professional truck drivers for updates, questions, and peace of mind. It is worth paying more money to be able to call the driver at eleven at night and know that fifty-thousand-dollar BMW is safe and sound.

Open trailers are cost-effective and safe for ordinary cars, trucks, vans, and sedans. They are exposed to the elements and road debris, but only as much as they would be while being driven by the owners. The vehicles are fully insured as soon as they are loaded, and this option takes less time than enclosed Car Shipping. There is rarely a waiting period to get a vehicle space on an open trailer because the options for that mode of transport for car hauling are plentiful. Read more at Car Mover Auto Transport.

If the idea of another vehicle loaded on the level above your car makes owners uncomfortable, an added top load fee can guarantee there is no car above. The open form of transport used in these cases is a flatbed truck that has only a single deck. The cars are in the open, but they are not stacked in two or three levels.

Get the Vehicle to the Destination

The tradition of handing down family cars to other members does not have to come to a stop because of distance. Plan ahead, discuss the costs, and explore how easy it is to arrange and pay for transport online. The balance is paid to the driver directly when the car arrives at the destination.

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