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Distinguishing features of the shipping companies for cars

There is no need for ordinary drivers to check hundreds of carriers to find out the best quotes – the specialists of the industry are doing it for you and updating the lists of the most reliable transportation companies.

You just need to choose which ones are fitting you and your particular requirements the most https://cdlscan.com/ 

Here we will provide you with some details in regards to the most common and popular car transportation services provided by 5 American carriers and brokers.

Top 5 another companies and their specialties

1)      Easy Auto Ship is a great option, especially if you are considering a more expensive enclosed transportation car service. The difference with an overwhelming majority of the competitors in this case is up to 400 USD which cannot be ignored. The high level of service meanwhile is already approved by various positive feedbacks this pretty young company has gained in a short period of its activity. This company works with different partners but to make sure that your car will be fully protected in case of any unexpected damages on the road, beside a traditional insurance of the carrier itself you will get an additional (extra) insurance with a 100,000-dollars coverage.

2)      Montway Auto Transport is famous for its routes. Here you will find even Hawaii and Alaska while just a few companies are dealing with such remote destinations. You can also get guaranteed pick-up date for the delivery which will make the whole process of the transportation smoother and more operative. Unfortunately, there is still no possibility to track your car with GPS, but according to the various recent reviews, this company provides pretty accurate and in-time service.

3)      Sherpa Auto Transport. If you want to be 100 percent sure that the price for the transport car service will not be changed under any circumstances, you should pay attention to this company. It’s one of the rare cases where you have an opportunity to get a guaranteed, or locked-in quote. Maybe from the first sight the price will not look that attractive in comparison with other companies from this list, but you will not be frustrated in the end with some hidden costs suddenly raised on the final bill. As a bonus you will also get a complimentary washing service upon delivery, which is a very good benefit, especially if you use open-air transportation.

4)      AmeriFreight has an emphasis on the various discounts. If you are a student, a senior, a military representative, a return customer or even if you are making advance booking – in these and many other cases you can get a very attractive discount. The only detail you should pay attention to is that most of these discounts cannot be combined. For the customers’ protection this transportation broker also provides additional gap insurance. This means that if the carrier’s insurance cannot cover some damages (or can do it only partly), AmeriFreight takes the responsibility to cover the difference.

5)      Bargain Auto Transport can be considered as a source of the lowest prices for the transportation services for cars. And the reason why is because it’s a broker and not a single carrier, therefore you can find a great variety of options. The main idea here is to bet for the best price and wait while some carrier will take the order. Obviously, this type of the deal is a little bit riskier as you will need to check the reliability of a particular transporter. But if your budget is indeed very limited you will hardly find a better option to cut the price. To prove the great pricing policy, we can just mention the average quote of 790 USD while in the industry overall this number is 915-920 USD.

You can easily check online reviews for any of the transportation companies to make sure that most of the clients stayed happy with the service they have got. But of course, it’s not all the transporters you can apply for. There are a lot of experienced or just new carriers ready to exceed your expectations. But before you sign the contract with any of them, you should carefully consider all the details of it and check the overall reputation. To keep the industry up to date, it’s also highly recommended to leave your own feedback as soon as you get your car delivered. It will help to keep the transportation industry sound and reliable for the customers.