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Variety of car transport services in the USA

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If you open a website of any shipping car company, you will see a great number of services provided. Today it’s not only a delivery from point A to point B on very standard conditions – you can make the whole process of your maximum comfort and interest.

Here we will cover most of the popular transportation services provided 

How to ship your car with a professional

One of the most important choices you will need to make when choosing a particular car transport service is to decide if you would like to deliver your vehicle with an open or enclosed carrier. In the first case you will get a much more attractive price. Basically, all the preliminary offers and advertisements you may face in the overwhelming majority of cases involve exactly an open transporter when your car will be placed on the platform and, therefore, will be subjected to all the environmental changes (and challenges) on the way. So, if you don’t want to take an additional risk of your car’s conditions, especially if it’s of a high value (sports, classic, exotic, rare cars) you should consider an enclosed version of the truck. Here your vehicle will be much safer as the carrier will place it inside a fully covered trailer. Regardless of such a great opportunity to protect the car from all the external influences, not every owner is ready and able to spend additional 50 percent of the open transportation’s price for this exclusive service.

Almost every ship car company also can provide you with different delivery options. Here the most popular and common service is a door-to-door transportation where you can choose the original and final locations. Thus, the carrier can arrive directly to your house and drop the car off at the spot which will be of more convenience for you. With the only restriction – you need to make sure that a massive truck will be able and, what is even more important, allowed to access the necessary points. Residence areas of the cities in this case is not a very good option in this example, especially for a huge open transporter, so you might be requested to slightly change the points A and B.

Considering quite a long-estimated period for the delivery, especially if the shipping company car is dealing with long-distance trips across the whole country, you can also apply for some expedited services. Usually, you can be provided with a couple of options: a small additional payment will make moving your car faster in the queue for the delivery while choosing an express method will make it possible to get your car within a couple of days but this service will cost you much more.

Protection of the vehicle on the way is one of the main responsibilities of the transportation carrier. It’s not surprising that the insurance is already included in most cases. The details in the contract in this case are very essential as that is how you will know if the coverage is enough and if you need to consider additional, or extended insurance.

Additional services

Almost everything is possible today, you just need to find the right shipping car company. It can be allowed in some cases to add up to 100 pounds personal belongings into the car for the transportation which is a very useful feature if you consider this type of service when moving to a new house. The same we can say about the pets’ delivery option. Cats and dogs as well as the majority of other pets will feel much better and safer when covering long miles in the car and not on the train or plane.

One-way trips are also becoming more and more popular. And it’s pretty easy to arrange. If you are considering to spend a wintertime in the South, you can apply for a one-way car’s delivery in autumn and the same to come back in spring.

Beside the car itself, transportation companies today can deal with all the variety of vehicles including boats, motorcycles, vans, heavy equipment and many others. And even if your car is not operable, it’s also possible to load it on the truck with some additional lifting equipment (but it will cost you more in comparison with a running car). If you have a classic car, you can also check the offers of the specialized carriers which definitely will take extra care of your expensive vehicle during the whole trip.

Tracking opportunity is one of the latest additional transportation services you can use. Normally, it’s free of charge and will allow you to check in real time where exactly your car is and, therefore, when to expect it to be delivered.